Snowland Adventurre GamePlay:

Snowland Adventurre is an exciting yet challenging platform game about winter. Here, you get lost in the Snowland which welcomes you with angry penguins and deadly traps. Your main mission in this friv game is to find the key to unlock the door and escape from this land. The game offers 10 levels in total and each level doesn’t require you to clear the mission within a given amount of time.

That’s why you don’t need to rush. Take your time to find the key and reach the exit. Here, you have to run and jump your way to avoid all the deadly traps and penguins to keep your life safe. Time is unlimited but HP is limited. It means each time you are attacked by a penguin or get damaged by an obstacle, you will lose some health points. Don’t worry because you can earn extra HP by collecting hearts on your adventure.

There is not only a single key to open the door, but also another key to open the treasure chest in https://friv.land/. That treasure chest may include HP or coins. You don’t need to open that chest. However, if you almost run out of HP, you may find your luck in that treasure chest. Maybe you will get some HP by unlocking that chest. Don’t forget to collect coins to get extra points.

The more coins you collect, the more stars you get. However, you don’t need many stars to unlock the next level. Once you unlock the door, the current level is complete and you can challenge yourself with a new mission in the next level. Have a safe adventure and check out other interesting games such as  Santa Claus Winter Challenge and Tank War Ice Age.

Instructions: Arrow keys.