Space Blaze 2 GamePlay:

The aliens have yet to stop planning to annex the earth and they once again pull troops to your planet. It seems they haven't learned the lesson from the previous failure, then let’s teach them another lesson this time. Control your ship and dive into space and block them before they have a chance to land. Space Blaze 2 puts you behind the wheel of a spaceship and your mission is to sweep these enemies out of your planet.

At play friv games 2020, you have played many games, so don’t miss this awesome shooting game. The rule is simple so you can catch up easily. Your spaceship auto shoots and you just need to control it fly around to shoot at the enemies accurately and dodge enemy attacks. You fight alone while your enemies are crowded. You have to deal with many of them at the same time. They shoot at you like a rain of bullet.

Therefore, you must stay focus and move flexibly to keep you safe. After eliminating all minions, you will face a boss. The boss is a powerful one and you have to spend a lot of time and effort to kill it. On http://friv.land/, as you level up, enemies and bosses become more crowded and much stronger. Sometimes when you kill an enemy, they will drop a power-up, collect it to boost your strength. The effect of these power-ups doesn’t last too long but it’s enough for you to burn some enemies. Take advantage of them and show off your skill to win this epic battle. Have fun by playing 2 more games including Juice Master and Double Dodgers 

Instructions: Use your mouse to fly.

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