Ultimate Runner GamePlay:

Ultimate Runner is a great endless runner game in which you play as Alex. As an adventurer, you always embark many adventures to discover the mysteries in the ancient temple, tomb and more. This time, you come to a mysterious jungle. However, you are unlucky. You are captured by the local people - a combative tribe. They put you into a cauldron filled with water and burn you up. They are dancing around you.

At friv Games for boys, take advantage of the moment that they caught off guard, you jump out the cauldron and try to run away. Of course, they chase you so had. Your objective in this endless runner game is to run as far as you can to escape from this tribe. Your character runs automatically, you just need to help him turn left, right, slide or jump over to avoid obstacles and enemies.

If you hit the obstacles, you are captured by the tribe immediately. It means the game is over on http://friv.land/. Along the way, you have to collect as many coins as possible. These coins are used to unlock new characters like a robot or a croco. They have nothing special but just brings you more fun, so you can stick to your original character if you don’t want to change or spend any money.

How long can you go? Start your interesting adventure now and have hours of fun here. More action games with different gameplay and themes are waiting for you to conquer. Check out Super Chick Duck or Donut Shooter .

How to play: Use arrows to slide, jump over, turn left and right.

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