Squid Gun Fest GamePlay:

What do you think about a game that combines the gameplay of math and shooting? If you’re curious about its gameplay, don’t hesitate anymore, just come to juegos friv land and check out Squid Gun Fest – one of the latest games with Squid Game theme on our site. Enter the keyword Squid Game in the searching box and you will have so many choices to try including this one. Let’s talk about your main objective and mission here. Because its gameplay is related to math, you have to do the math to advance. You won’t go into calculating but pick out a perfect option.

You want to duplicate your weapons to destroy all obstacles that you meet while moving towards the finish line. You have to choose the right calculation to increase your current total weapons. As you know, subtraction and division will decrease your number of weapons, and multiplication and addition will increase your number of weapons. So you should always go through the gate with multiplication and addition.

Like most of the games that you have played at https://friv.land/, you also deal with obstacles. Obstacles here are the barriers, robot doll from Squid Game, and so on. You will see a number on each obstacle and to go through them, you have to choose to shoot at the obstacle that has a smaller number. Otherwise, you don’t have enough power to eliminate them.

Keep in your mind that smaller is better. When you come near to the finish line, you face a truck trying to get rid of the island. If you have enough weapons, you can stop that truck. Don’t waste your weapons on the obstacles with a big number. Good luck and have fun in other games such as Punch King and.

Instructions: Move by using your mouse.