Stack Ball GamePlay:

Simple to play but hard to master, how can you win this game? Welcome to the colorful world of Stack Ball. Here, your reflexes and hand’s speed will be put to a challenging test. Your main goal at friv for kids Games is to earn the highest score and go as far as possible. It’s not an easy task. You must observe carefully and do not be subjective. Just by tapping or clicking, you control a bouncing ball smash through a rotating tower made of hundreds of layers.

Each layer is divided into several distinctive color parts. You must avoid the black ones. If your ball lands to these areas, it will explode and you have to play from the beginning. In this game, the faster your action, the more point you get. However, if you take action too fast, you will easily lose control of the ball. This leads the ball to hit the black parts of platform on http://friv.land.

If you want to enjoy a more thrilling and rushing experience, you can boost your speed. Or you can play in a safe way. Slowly but steadily, break each layer each time and you gradually have a higher score than you expect. Smash a whole bunch of platforms in a row to activate the flame mode that allows you to break the black parts for a short of time. Let’s play like the way you like as long as you have a great time and a relaxing moment. Enjoy! Don’t forget you can always find a ton of exciting games available for free such as Slime Maker and Wasteland Siege.

How to play: Clicking or tapping to control the ball.

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