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Are you looking for a game that has a highly competitive? Then, let’s enter MniGiants.io online now. It’s a fun royale battle IO game brings you joy and awesome gaming experience. Compete against various players around the world and conquer the leaderboard in the battlefield where gathers the toughest warriors in the world.

Here at frivland IO games, you control your character to move around the map, collect as many games as possible to level up to become more powerful, then use your weapon to beat your opponents. There are 8 classes in the game including Barbarian, Tank, Fairy, Amazon, Necromancer, Mage, Cleric and Beast. Each class has their own abilities and attacking style. To win the battle, you should follow these following tips. You must focus on level up and attack low-level players early on, collect shiny rocks to gain experience to level up, keep an eye for collecting the chests that your enemies drop because you will earn gold by opening them. In the beginning, you must avoid the those who have a higher level than yours.

You start the game with Barbarian. You level up to unlock new characters with cool abilities. This battle is really competitive. There is only one player survive. Fight to become the strongest, toughest and biggest players ever, and dominate the battlefield to climb to the top of the leaderboard. On http://friv.land/, the last man standing wins. Good luck! Many io games as fun and challenging as this game available for you to explore. Challenge your fighting skill with Foes.io and Battlepoint.io.

How to play: Aim and attack by using your mouse.

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