Bob The Robber 4 Japan GamePlay:

Bob The Robber is back with the new edition! This time in Friv land, he has decided to carry out his latest mission in Japan! Are you ready to sneak into the classic Japanese house and buildings? It takes some serious skills and techniques to dash through the rooms without being caught. By stealing all the valuable items in the house without getting caught, you will be able to win this popular platform puzzle game.

Each country has its unique features, so don't miss out on the other versions of this thief game such as Bob the Robber 4 and Bob The Robber 4: Russia. Bob needs your help to rob some precious objects. Most of these items are related to the country’s traditional culture such as the samurai items, fans, vase and many more. Since the items are big and hard to carry, don't forget to try not to be noticed by security guards and cameras.

On some hallways, there will be lots of cameras with red lasers and flashing lights. Avoid being noticed at all cost and you will make it out of the house! The best players will be able to look for the shortest way out without having to knock down workers. If you can find the hidden doors, you might even steal more valuable items! Last but not least, don't forget to purchase more helpful tools to assist your next mission at http://friv.land

Instructions: use the arrow keys to move and the up arrow to execute the actions.

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