Kumu's Adventure GamePlay:

There are not many great web-based RPG games out there. Many games lack of content and features to attract players. However, at friv Games, you will have a chance to explore an amazing rogue-like role-playing game that combines with turn-based strategy and fast-pace combat called Kumus Adventure. This game brings you to a continent in a far future where life relies on the technologies and magic, where the friendliness no longer exists.

There, you have to build and improve your camp, repair your machines and engines, evolve and upgrade your characters, explore the wilderness, and defeat your enemies. This game is rich in features and content that each time you play, you nearly explore something new. It focuses on building and fighting. On friv adventure, you have to build and develop your camp, your equipment as well as kill the evil Sartre Tribe and his minions. Come across the map and discover new lands and deal with new enemies and their bosses.

This game consists of different gameplay such as RPG, adventure, and strategy. You will combat in the battlefield where you move in tile style. Each character has their own skills and moving pattern that you have to learn to make use of them to kill enemies. Besides the main missions, you also have some daily missions. Complete each mission and win each match rewards you some coins and you can use coins to buy gear and upgrade your characters.

Tons of battle stages and wide maps, crafting and refinding equipment system, missions, base camp upgradable system, you have so many things to do here. Jump in now and enjoy every moment you spend here. Besides, let’s check out other options such as Zombie Wave AgainMineblock Adventure and Adventure Hero.


Use your mouse to repair, upgrade, and fight.

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