Mineblock Adventure GamePlay:

Do you like the blocky world of Minecraft? You may have played several games inspired by Minecraft at friv Games online free for sure and Mineblock Adventure is one of them. This is the latest adventure and platformer game on our site that brings you to the magical world just like Minecraft but here, you don’t craft, build or fight against hostile mobs. Instead, you embark on an amazing adventure.

There are 6 stages that you have to finish. In each stage, you have to overcome many dangers, enemies, and traps. You have to stay focus in every moment to keep your life safe because you have only 2 lives on each level and you can’t earn more. Along the way, you just collect coins and diamonds without any life. On friv adventure, you can avoid enemies by jumping over them or kill them by jumping on them.

Each stage has a checkpoint. Reach it and you will respawn at that point when you die if you still have a life. If you pass this checkpoint or die before you reach it, you have to start from the beginning. You may feel familiar when you meet our character. Yes, he is our lovely Steve. He arrives from Minecraft to accompany you in the adventure. Let’s have the most memorable journey with him and make sure both of you are safe and sound all the way.

This game is a great choice for those who love platform games or Minecraft or both of these games. Run, jump, and dash your way through 6 enjoyable levels. Have fun! Don’t forget to explore more games such as Supernoob Prison EasterNoob vs Blue Monster and Steve AdventureCraft Aqua.


Use arrow keys to finish your adventure.