Impostor Rescue GamePlay:

Among Us characters and rescue gameplay, what kind of game can be made? It turns out Imposter Rescue. At Friv Land, Impostor isn’t evil at all. Impostor is the victim right now. He is clocked in a closed room. He wants to collect all gems and survive from many dangers. To make it, he needs your help. So how to rescue Impostor to overcome the dangers?

Pulling the pins in the right order is what you have to do. You pull the pin for 2 purposes: to make the gems drop to Impostor’s zoom and to handle the obstacles such as hot lava or cold water. Do you know that when lava meets water, rock is created? Use this to eliminate this threat. You’re gonna deal with more challenges and traps as you level up but there is always a way to overcome them. On https://friv.land/, pulling the pins in the right order is the solution for all problems. Later on, you may not only rescue Impostor but also someone else. Who knows?

Just by playing, you can find out what is waiting for you. This is a true brain hacking game for those who love to play with puzzles and show off their problem-solving skills. Solving all the string puzzles requires you to use your flexible brain. You can even play this game with your friends and family members to experience a great gaming time together.

Impostor doesn’t find a way to murder crewmates anymore. They also need help at least in this fun puzzle game. Let’s pay attention to all details and find the way to reach your goal. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Two Ball 3D Dark and Shopping Mall Tycoon

How to play: Pull the pins by using your left click.