Tank Battle GamePlay:

Get ready to smash your enemy’s tank in a fun action-packed tank battle at Friv Games. Tank Battle brings you to the colorful battle where you have to make use of all you have to blow up your enemy tank and win the battle. Easy to play and hard to master, it will make you sweat a lot because your tank has a unique movement pattern. It only turns right. It means you will find it hard to move to the target position.

Besides, you have no bullet in the beginning. Once you appear on the map, you have to move around to collect some items scattered all over the map. These items include Zap energy boosts your tank, Heart gives you one more life, Star upgrades your tank to Rocket or Laser tank, and Crate gives you bullets. Don’t miss any of those items because they help you win over your opponent. Besides, if your enemy collects them first, they have a great advantage.

On https://friv.land/, remember that a different tank shoots a bullet with different behavior. It’s better to get familiar with that to have better performance. Interestingly, you can compete against AI or play with your friend on the same device and find out who is better. This may be the first tank shooting game with one button control on our site.

It’s hard to process but fun and enjoyable. You just need a little bit of patience to master the movement and the shot. If you want to play other games as fun as this one, you should know that there are tons of them on our site. Let's check out these options: Bob and Chainsaw and Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter.

How to play:

Click on the button on the screen or use Z and X keys.

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