Tower Defense 2d GamePlay:

Your land is always famous for being rich and peaceful but one day, forces of monsters goblins suddenly appear. They spread fear and destruction everywhere they came. People panicked, crops were neglected, the land became desolate. It’s up to you to save this land and clean these monsters to bring the peace back for your people. Tower Defense 2d is an amazing tower defense game tests your strategy.

At friv Games online, you stop the hordes of monsters and goblins by placing various towers, troops, and heroes along the way that they come. Placing your defense at the right place is the key to victory. Each weapon has their own abilities and strengths as well as weaknesses. Some of them are the great choices to place right in the first part of the street while some of them work more efficient if you place them at the end of the street on http://friv.land/.

So, let’s think carefully before arranging your defense towers because once you place them, you can move them. There are available places following the street. All you need to do is to choose a suitable place for each weapon. Make sure to stop them before they enter your kingdom and remember that they are too crowded. Over time, monsters become stronger.

Killing a lot of monsters reward you money to buy more towers and heroes. Stay focused and take advantage of each hero and weapon to win over your enemies in this interesting tower defense game. Good luck! There are several options similar to this one available on our site. If you want, you can check out Leader War and Surgical Strike for free.

How to play: Use your mouse to place weapons.

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