WorldZ GamePlay:

WorldZ is a fantastic shooting game in Friv.land which shall challenge you so much. If you like to face bad influence to build peace, this game is for you to enjoy. Wander in the forest and hold the gun tight. The WorldZ online game definitely satisfies you with unique missions and deadly weapons at www friv games.
The WorldZ is an action shooting one-player game. You will control your own fighter to kill zombies attacking you. Your character uses a machine gun to shoot enemies. You will play in single player mode. There are 3 levels which are 3 kinds of the battleground. They are zombie land, sand box, and death match. Choose zombie land if you want to try to survive in the world full of zombies on www friv games com. Sand box is just for test. When players need to fight one another, they select death match.

 You probably create a new character doing jobs such as farmer, policeman, salaryman, and sports girl. The policeman spawns with gun or ammunition. Salaryman spawns with a secret survival kit. Sports girl spawns with everything necessary. Farmer spawns with farming tools. Enter a name for the character. Let’s play right now!

As soon as you see zombies, shoot them exactly in www friv games free. They are going to attack intensely to kill you. Fire quickly to cause their death!  If walking dead bodies take your life, the game will end. Perhaps you come back to life and begin again. A lot of information is on the display. Your health and foodstuff bars show your status. When you run out of food and drink, you will die. The number of gun, bullets, emergency kit, and timber is essential to pay attention.
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  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use arrows to move.
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