Draw In GamePlay:

Draw In is a fun drawing game in which you have to create a line which is long enough to wrap the mysterious objects in each level to win. You don’t have to be good at drawing but you have to good at estimating the length of the line. At friv for kids Games, each level offers an object that you don’t know what it is until you wrap it with a line. The key of this game is the length of the line.

It must be long enough to surround the item. It’s better short than too long. You can check the color indicator to know how long of a line. It helps you create a perfect line easier. When you draw a line, you will see the dotted outline of the shape is divided into 4 different colors. Black color shows you that you fail because the line is too short. The yellow section indicates that you pass the level with one star.

Green section means your line is good enough to help you conquer this level with 2 stars and you will get 3 stars if your line reaches the red section on http://friv.land. The perfect rating means the length of the line perfectly match the length of the outline of the shape.

With the shapes have too many details, you should draw a longer line. With the simple structure shapes, you are better to draw a short line. When the shape is revealed, you will be amazed by its look. Guess what it is first, then draw and check out if your thought is right. Have fun with other games such as Go Escape and Xipooh.

Controls: Click or tap to draw a line.

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