Tomato Crush GamePlay:

These days, people easily get stress due to many reasons. However, there are several ways to relieve stress, and playing games is one of them, especially the games are designed for the purpose to help players relax after a hard-working day or after school. Here at Friv Land, if you are looking for a game like that, let’s jump in Tomato Crush. As it names, your mission is to crush all juicy tomatoes placed on the table. It sounds easy but challenging as well. It’s not simple to crush each tomato.

Instead, you race against time. You have to crush as many tomatoes as possible within a given time. This game challenges your hand speed. It pushes your hand speed to a whole new limit. There are 2 types of gameplay here. One requires you to crush all tomatoes if they appear of the same color. One requires you to change the color of the tomatoes to make all of them have the same color.

On https://friv.land/, because you have to make it within a certain amount of time, you have to be quick and make a wise decision. For example, if there are 2 green tomatoes and 6 red tomatoes, you should change the color of 2 green tomatoes. Make them turn into red ones. That saves you a lot of time for the new level. Time won’t reset after each level. You have to conquer as many levels as you can with that amount of time. However, with each tomato that you crush, you will earn a little more time.

Hope that you won’t feel stress anymore after playing this game and other awesome options on our site such as Kitty Blocks and Sea Rush.


Use your left click to crush all tomatoes.

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