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Totemia: Cursed Marbles is a shooting addicting game at Friv.land. It will be your cup of tea after you try it. Be an explorer and research for an ancient mausoleum. You match rainbow-like balls to damage them. Totemia: Cursed Marbles game of friviv amuses you out of the blue. Keep your stiff upper lips.


In Totemia: Cursed Marbles free game, you enter a weird temple and do missions.  Firstly, the game gives you some guides to move because you are a newbie. There are 45 levels to pass through. Levels crack down on constantly. In level 1, you are a head which can shoot colorful balls in friviv games. You are in the center of the screen. You see an empty sinuous road. There is another head at the end of the road. The balls appear and fill the road. You must destroy balls. Don’t let the head eat them.


How can you eliminate balls? You shoot your balls in the line of balls in such way that you create groups of same-colored balls. At that time, same balls will vanish. A group includes more than 3 balls on friviv  player games. Balls have red, yellow, green, and blue color. You shoot a blue ball in 2 blue balls to make a group of 3 blue balls. 3 balls shall disappear. You get 10 points for each ball. Gain scores as many as you can.


The game supplies some bonuses helping you cut corners. You can blow fireballs to terminate many balls in no time. Shoot balls with lightning inside to increase damage. Use blue laser rays to shoot. Destroy balls with a snowflake inside to own freezing -time skill from friviv free games. Try to make combos to blow your own trumpet. If the road is full of balls and the head eats them, you will lose the game. Replay to continue. If you destroy all balls and earn many scores, you win the level and play the next one. Structure of road and a number of heads change during the game. So exciting!


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to shoot balls.


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