Turbo Dismounting GamePlay:

You are over the moon if you play Turbo Dismounting in Friv.land. You pick a pose and begin to dismount. Just fall down and feel free. You can be cut by toothed wheels or injured by collisions. Knock against solid obstacles. Turbo Dismounting game of jogos do frive is entrancing. Have a fun experience!

Turbo Dismounting free game is a funny game. You select a terrain from the map. We have space stars, slide twice, stars bomb, slide on saws, highway, deep hole and so on. Choose maps and start the game. You will control a stickman and dismount at jogos do frive games. You have 2000 coins and you lose some coins if you choose maps.

You will dismount from a high position. You fall down. What you will meet depends on which maps you have selected. You do your best to make flips as many as possible. The first mission is making 22 flips. If you don’t move in 3 seconds, the game is over. After the game ends, you see coins earned, damage score, airtime score, flip score, bone breaking score, and vehicle breaking score on jogos do frive online games.

Try to make long fall. Get many coins to choose other maps and buy vehicles. Vehicles have different prices. A super cart costs 500 coins and a power seat values 700 coins. You spend 1000 coins to own a kid scooter. You can use a hospital bed if you spend 1500 coins. A hoverboard costs 1700 coins while a motorbike values 3000 coins in jogos do frive for free.  

You can start with any movements like stand, sit or stand on your head. You dismount and fall down. Your bones will be damaged. You slide down on stairs or flat slides. You can be attacked by cogwheels or explosives.

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  • Use the mouse to play.
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