Voltier 2 GamePlay:

Voltier 2 is the latest 2D platformer game that you can play for free anytime at adventure games along with tons of exciting options here. There are 8 levels, and in each level, all you need to do is to help a robot collect every single floppy disk and reach the exit. Our lovely robot is in trouble. He gets lost in a strange land filled with deadly traps and obstacles. He is responsible for picking up all the disks. After that, he can reach the door to escape.

This robot has 5 hearts. Each time he hits an obstacle, he loses a heart. And these hearts won’t be reset after each level. And you can bring all the left hearts in the previous level to the next level. When you run out of hearts, you get 5 new ones. The prerequisite for completing the quest in each level is to collect all the disks, then reach the exit. If you leave only one disk behind and reach the door, you have to come back and pick up that disk because the door only opens when all the disks are collected.

Like other level-based games, the challenge level increases as you advance. The robot’s life is not only threatened by deadly traps but also by enemies. Enemies have different ways to attack the robot. Do you see a pink robot standing there? She isn’t the lover of the robot. Don’t be fooled. Do not run toward her. If the robot touches the pink one, a heart will be taken. Just jump over her as you jump over other obstacles. Have a safe journey and enjoy other Frivland platformer games such as Nextbot: Can You Escape? and Kids Airport Adventure Game.

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys.

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