Wall Between US GamePlay:

Wall Between US is a fun tower defense game about a war between the Pig clan and the Fox clan. Pig clan and Fox clan have lived peacefully in each other’s land. Unlike most games at https://friv.land/ which don’t feature a storyline, this game tells a story about the enmity between 2 clans. To say in a nutshell, Kit Fox sneaks into Pig territory and grabs the ball of Dona – the Pig leader. Then, Kit Fox was sent to jail.

Dona built a wall between the two lands to prevent any further intrusion. All members of the Fox clan vow to break that wall and bring Kit Fox back to Fox land. Then, the Fox clan sent different types of Fox to make it. Here, you play as Dona and your main objective is to defend the wall against the hordes of foxes. You stand still on the left side and foxes will come to you from the right side.

Right after a fox appears, you have to shoot to eliminate them. If the foxes come close to the wall, they will break it and you lose. Therefore, don’t let them approach the wall too close. In this exciting Friv game, you earn coins when you win a match. Then, you can use coins to upgrade stamina, wall, turret, and speaker. Upgrading is important because you will deal with stronger armies later on. Every time you shoot, you spend some stamina.

So you need more stamina to attack enemies. The wall needs to be fortified to resist the fox attack and so on. Wish you luck and hope that the two clans will reconcile after the war. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Crazy Clay and Impostor Rescue Online

Instructions: Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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