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Jump The Wall is a fun running and jumping game in which you race against 2 other racers to become the first one who reaches the finish line. You can only move to the next round when you cross the finish line first. It’s like you take part in an obstacle race. You have to run and jump at the right moment to overcome each obstacle on the running track. You should only jump when there is an obstacle in front of you. If there is nothing, you should run. 

You just need to hold the left mouse and release it to jump. The sooner you release your hand, the farther you jump. You will see some boxes above the obstacles. Jump through them to get power-ups that are something like dash, jetpack, and so on. They give you advantages over your opponents. If you fail to jump over an obstacle, it means you hit it, you will fain for a while and it takes you a few seconds to become normal and keep running ahead. Other runners will make use of that chance to pass you and leave you behind. Enjoy your gaming time here and don’t forget to spend your free time on other Frivland kids games such as Sweet Runner and Monster Squad Rush.

Like other level-based games at friv free games, as you advance, the running tracks are more challenging. You have to jump over the walls, cacti, gaps, and so on. Get ready because you can’t speed up or slow down. The only thing you can do is to jump over obstacles. That’s it. You will get coins by winning the race and you can use coins to unlock new skins for your character.



Left click to jump.

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