Counterblow GamePlay:

Counterblow is an interesting shooting game at Friv.land. You will be a soldier at stake. You are supposed to fight to keep your life. So many dangerous enemies always want to kill you. Counterblow game of fiiv is a battleground where you can be injured or murdered anytime. Stay calm and join the fight!

Don’t think that you can win the Counterblow like a piece of cake. This is a very difficult battle. If you don’t concentrate, you will lose your life. You can choose to play in the online save mode to have bonuses such as lives bonus, achievement, and Leaderboard. If you play in the local save mode, your progress is saved offline.

You are stuck in a military base. You don’t know the way out. Go round and keep yourself alive by destroying all opponents you see. Use a series of weapons. Move fast. Shoot straight. Kill rivals whenever you meet them. If you don’t react quickly, they will take your life immediately.  At first, you are given 200 Health units and 30 Ammo units. Avoid being shot or stabbed.  When using up the health and ammo, you will die in the game. It’s likely to begin a new game at once. Annihilate enemies as many as you can to get points. Good luck!

It’s possible to see your rank on the Leaderboard. Besides, you provide many achievements to encourage you. You shall be a Mercenary after you kill 50 enemies in one game. You will see your score after a game ends. If you like the game, share it with your good friends. Play some shooting games such as War Scrap .io, Strike Force Heroes 3, and Combat Strike Multiplayer at http://friv.land/. Comment and rate them!


  • Use arrows or W A S D keys to move.
  • Use the left mouse button to aim and shoot.
  • Use the right mouse button to zoom.
  • Use X key to prone, P key to pause
  • Use Space to jump.
  • Use Shift to sprint.
  • Use Alt to crouch.
  • Use E key to have items.
  • Use 1 2 3 keys to select weapons.
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