Battboy Adventure GamePlay:

Battboy Adventure will bring you on an unexpected journey that you may have never had before. You can’t find many games with refreshing gameplay like this game on Friv Land. So, make sure you have a look at it and it won’t let you down. Here, you play as a hero and you embark on an epic adventure through 8 levels filled with dangers and enemies. You can die because of enemies and your negligence as well.

Take action carefully is the key point to overcome all obstacles in the game. Tons of spikes, unbuttoned gaps, and enemies are waiting for you in all 8 levels. Besides, you may find it harder to conquer the later level as you level up. But, don’t worry. You have 3 lives in each stage and some skills help you on your way. You can use the grapple to reach the higher place, climb the platforms, and jump over the large holes.

And use your cape to pass the obstacles. Yes, make use of these tools to succeed. At Adventure games, you have to collect 3 stars to finish each stage as well. Otherwise, you can’t unlock the new stage. Besides, you only have 3 lives. Even if you reach the end of the journey but you die by accident, you have to turn back to the start and try once again.

One important point that you have to keep in mind that stay away from your enemies and defeat them by using your boomerang. Enjoy your time that you spend here and have a look at other fun games such as Clown Super Mario AdventuresSuper Raccoon WorldSpider-Man: Laboratory Lockdown and Adventure Escape


Arrow keys to move

S to use your grapple

A to use your boomerang.

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