Alphabet Lore 3 GamePlay:

At friv land, Alphabet Lore 3 is an online version of the famous Chrome Dino game that you must have played on the web browser when the internet is unavailable at least once. It’s simple. It’s fun. And it’s challenging as well. Your main objective is the same which is to lead the dino run to the furthest. And the control has no different. This game also offers 1-button control. All you need to do is to make the dino jump over all obstacles on the way. Each time you start this game, you have only one chance. It means that if your dino crashes into something, you have to play once over again. Your dino has no special skill and there is also no power-up to pick up. You just jump and jump all the time. It’s an endless runner game and maybe there isn’t a limit to the score that you can make while playing it. Here at Alphabet Lore 3, you will find it hard to get a high score soon because sooner or later, your dino will bump into an obstacle when you are absent-minded. So, to set a record of scores, you should apply the following tip. Don’t look at the environment. Don’t look at the obstacles. This makes you overwhelmed. Instead, keep an eye on your dino. It’s just likes your dino is standing still while the landscape is moving. You will find it much easier to control your dino to jump over the obstacles. If you’re bored of playing alone, why don’t you compete against your friend on the same computer in 2-player mode to see whose dino runs farther. Enjoy your free time here and check out other exciting options such as Minecraft Adventure and Somnokid.

How to play: A key.

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