2030 GamePlay:

2030 is a unique shooting game at Friv.land. You have to skirmish a variety of rivals. Protect yourself. Save your life. Drive the plane flexibly. You should do your utmost to escape from the dangerous place. 2030 game of vrif is a wise way to kick back and release all depression. Much time!

The 2030 is an online fascinating one-player game. You can enjoy it for free on our website. The game has a setting about the future of 2030. Technology and science develop strongly. Machines and weapons are ultimate. However, a war breaks out. You will combat like a soldier. Your duty is to control a spaceship and try to escape from rival’s army base in vrif games. It is a dangerous mission. You can be taken your life at any time.

 Many enemies are going to attack you. Attack waves come continuously. The hostiles use a lot of weapons such as bullets and big rockets to shoot you. They fly black small crafts and huge planes. They show up around your ship and shoot you. Their bullets are green while yours are blue. Move fast and smartly. Shoot exactly targets at vrif for free. Apply both bullets and rockets. Make use of your shooting skill and quick-wittedness to fly and shoot well. Eliminate foes as many as possible to get scores.

We give a health bar which presents the percentage of your health. When you are shot, the bar will shorten. When you are out of health, you will die. The game ends. Do your best to avoid green bullets. If you are killed by enemies, the game will be over on vrif player game. Your result including score and quantity of killed enemies shall be shown on the screen. Fortunately, you may restart immediately. While playing, you can pause and quit the game whenever you want.
If you can’t get enough of the game, please recommend it to your friends to play together. Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback. Rate it highly! Entertain with other games such as Military Wars Strike and Defly.io at http://friv.land/. Go for it!

  • Use arrows to move.
  • Use X key to shoot the laser ray.
  • Use C key to shoot missiles.
  • Use P key to pause.
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