Among Them Find Us GamePlay:

Among Them Find Us has nothing related to Among Us except for its characters. Here at Friv Land, you won’t have to find a way to complete all the tasks, find the impostor, or kill the crew members like what you do in the original one. All you have to do is to find 10 Among Us characters in each level within a given time. This gameplay sounds simple but once you play, you will find out how hard it is.

Each character is great in finding a perfect place for them to hide. So, you have to stay focused and open your eyes widely to discover their hiding position. You should divide the gameboard into several small areas. Then, scan each area to find what you need to find. This makes it easier to find the hidden characters before time runs out.

On https://friv.land/, all crew members and impostors are faded in and their color blends so well on the background. It’s hard to see them. Sometimes, one of two characters appears right in front of your eyes but you don’t notice and miss them. The key point is to scan a small part each time to discover all of them. You can only move to the next level to find another 10 characters once you finish the current one. Look at the order at the bottom of your screen and you can see 10 spots available there waiting for you to fill them with each character one by one. Both kids and adults can enjoy this game.

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Click each character to collect.