Impostor GamePlay:

Someone is stealthily sabotaging on the spaceship and trying to kill everyone. The crew should stay on guard right now if they want to keep their life safe. However, it’s not easy because the imposter is cunning. Who is he? Yes, the imposter is you. In Imposter at Friv Land, a game is inspired by a hit game called Among Us, you’re here with only one purpose which is to kill all crew members. You are alone while the number of people you have to kill is quite a lot.

Moreover, you can only act sneakily. If you kill someone openly and are seen by others, you will be mercilessly thrown out of the spaceship. The tip you should keep in mind is to hide in a dark place and wait for your victim. Don’t let anyone find out the body. Otherwise, they will know the identity of the impostor and punish him.

The crew is busy working. If they finish their mission, you lose. You should keep them busy all the time by sabotaging the spaceship. Before entering that match, you can set the number of crew members and the number of tasks they have to do. Task plays as time and once all tasks are done by the crew members, your game ends there. Kill someone without being exposed is hard because you have to do it alone. Stay inside the dark corners and it should work. The more destructive you are, the more time you have to act.

Can you win over the crew? Play and check it out. More fun games are available for free here. Some options you shouldn’t miss are Brick Surfer and Bird Connect Deluxe.


Move by using your mouse, kill and sabotage by clicking on the responding buttons on the screen.