Jumping Kim GamePlay:

Do you want to see Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, jump the rope with his huge body? Have some fun with Kim Jong Un while jumping rope and destroying the whole city. This is an incredibly simple yet fun friv game that forces Kim Jong Un to stomp his feet to the ground. Since he has a huge body, every time he jumps, he will cause the damage to the building on the back.

Your task is to control him and jump rope for as long as you can. It's all about perfect timing and perfect estimation in this one-button reaction game. Easy as it might sound, the game is easy to understand yet quite hard to master since you need to try your best and destroy the building and earn coins. In order to buy cool upgrades, like the stomp forces, the combos, the armored equipment, you will need these extra coins. You can only pass a level when you totally destroy all the buildings behind Kim Jong Un.

When you reach the higher levels, you will be able to unlock some funny clones and characters such as Joker Kim, Bee Kim, or even Donald Trump. Get a chance to jump rope with Kim Jong Un and test some nuclear weapons to gain extra coins now at Online Friv game!

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How to play:

Click on the game screen to jump and double-click to stomp.

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