Jumping Wife GamePlay:

Jumping Wife is a fun endless jumping game with simple gameplay and easy control mechanics. Here at https://friv.land/, helping a wife stack up the tallest tower of gifts and money is your main mission. Someone from the left and right sides of the screen will give a gift or a pile of money each time. You need to make your character jump at the right time and land right on that gift or that pile of money. Each time you succeed, you get one point.

But when you land in the middle of those things several times in a row, you will get extra points. Jump at the right time to land the wife in the middle of the gift or money is what you want to do and have to do. It seems to be easy but it’s just easy in the beginning. Later on, you will deal with a real challenge as the speed of the game increases significantly. Your original rhythm will have to change to fit the speed of the game. Otherwise, your jumping journey will end there.

This school friv game ends when the wife is pushed off the tower of money and gifts. There is no second chance for you to correct your mistake. You have to start all over. How many points can you earn by jumping? Do your best to help that wife save as many gifts and money as possible. She will be happy and because she is happy, you will be happy as well.

Enjoy it in your free time and you always know that there are so many games that fit your taste on our site, don’t you? Some of them are Who Is The Joker? and Skull Jump

Controls: Mouse.

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