Mr.bullet GamePlay:

Find the best way to shoot down all the thugs in each level of the most entertaining combination off puzzle game and shooting game called Mr.bullet. Don't get it wrong. It isn't an original shooting game in which you have to move around the battlefield, cover yourself and find your opponents, then defeat them with many weapons.

Here at friv kids, you can't shoot down your opponents right away but have to find a perfect way and use many factors in the environment to kill them. It's the puzzle feature of this game. Shooting down many enemies with one shot is a satisfying experience that you hardly find in other games. Use as less bullet as possible to eliminate the bad guys in each level to get 3 stars.

The star you earn depends on how many bullets you use. Unlike other games in which you have to finish a certain level with a least 1 star to move to the new stage, you can skip a stage that you find it hard to complete and move right to a new level. That's ok. Just skip whatever stage you don't like on http://friv.land. However, you still can lose. Use a limited number of bullets to kill all enemies in every level. If you use all of them but your enemies still alive, you lose.

Remember that it's also a puzzle game. You can use different ways to kill enemies. It depends on how can you advantage of the environmental factors. Have fun in this amazing game and experience more gameplay with Fish Eat Grow Big and Tower Defense 2d.

How to play: Hold and press your left mouse to aim and release to shoot.

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