Falling Elevator GamePlay:

Falling Elevator is an exciting yet challenging game that just comes to https://friv.land/. As its name, the game is all about the falling elevator. There is an emergency here. An elevator is about falling. How to save the elevator and the people inside? If you let the elevator fall freely, it will crash into some obstacles on the way and explore when it collides with the ground. So, your main objective here is to help the falling elevator pass all the obstacles and land safely.

You don’t know how many obstacles are waiting and how they work. So, you have to be careful all the time to make sure that you stop the elevator before it crashes into the obstacles. Each obstacle has a different way of working and you will have to make the elevator stop in time and wait until the obstacle changes direction to continue moving down. The elevator will auto-fall and your job is to stop it from falling freely.

Same as many level-based games at friv games 2023, as you level up, you deal with more challenging levels that have more obstacles. The elevator has to pass a lot of deadly obstacles and those obstacles will work more complicatedly. Watching the elevator fall freely is so satisfying but don’t forget to pay attention to your mission. Keep in mind that saving the falling elevator is your ultimate goal.

If you fail, an unexpected accident will happen. Save it at all costs. Each level is a challenging puzzle that you have to find an effective solution. Good luck! More exciting and challenging games are waiting for you here. Check them out whenever you have time. Some of the best options for you are Clanker.io and Koxo.io.

Controls: Mouse.

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