Mine Rusher 2 GamePlay:

Mine Rusher 2 is a challenging and entertaining reaction game that doesn’t relate to the famous building game Minecraft. This game just features the main character from Minecraft. Push your reaction to a new level at friv Games. Simple to play but hard to get a high score. Let’s prove that you have great skills by getting the highest score here. Your main objective is to lead a little block character through a stretch path without falling down or stepping in the dangerous traps.

Click or tap quickly to jump over the dangerous objects, to turn the way and collect coins and boxes along the way. The process is simple and clear but to go as far as possible is uneasy. You must stay focused and take action quickly on http://friv.land. Following the green guiding arrows to turn instantly before you go forward and fall down. Each block you pass through gives you 1 point. The key to beat this game is all about the time.

You must tap on the screen at the right time to turn left or right and to jump over the obstacles in order to keep his journey last longer. With coins that you have collected, you can use them to unlock new skins for your character. This is a fun game that suits all ages, so you can challenge your friends or family members to find out whose reaction is better. Don’t forget to experience more games with different gameplays to have fun all the time. Some of the best choices for you are Treze Basket and Piano Helix Jump.

Instructions: Tap or click to Jump over the obstacles and turn left/right.

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