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Merge To Battle is a cool combination of a merging game and a tower defense game in which you have to attack and defend at the same time. So, how can you play this friv 10 action game? Well, on that side, your enemies will come out from a castle and approach you to defeat you. On this side, you have a 3x3 board. There, you will use money to buy different soldiers who can be an archer, a knight, and so on.

You earn money by killing enemies. You can upgrade your soldiers by merging them. You merge two soldiers of the same level. Above the enemy and your soldiers have a number and it indicates the power of them. Your soldiers can only beat the enemies who have a smaller or the same number as them. If your soldiers face anyone who is stronger than them, of course, your soldiers will be killed.

When you kill all enemies, you can break into their castle and destroy it. You have 5 heats at each level. Each time an enemy reaches your side, you lose one heart. Your very first soldiers are in level 1. You can upgrade them during the battle or upgrade them before each match using diamonds. At stage 5, you can build your own castle, upgrade your towers and income as well.

Upgrading increases your chance to win; therefore, you should upgrade whenever you can. Besides upgrading your troops, having a wise strategy and tactic is also important. As you level up, you face much stronger enemies. Get ready to defeat them and protect your castle. Have a great gaming experience here and in other action games at friv games online such as Storm Tower: Idle Pixel TD and Dragon City Destroyer.


Use Mouse to play game.

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