Storm Tower: Idle Pixel TD GamePlay:

Storm Land is in danger. Monsters are flooding into this land and aiming to take over it. Its fate is in your hands. It’s up to you to protect the peace of Storm Land. Here at friv online, you have only one tower to defend this land. You have to do everything that you need to do to protect it. So, the tower is placed in the center of the battlefield and there is a circle around the tower. Monsters approach your tower from all directions and once they enter the circle, your tower will auto-attack the nearest one.

Your ultimate goal here is to defeat as many waves of monsters as possible. Your enemies become stronger with each wave. Furthermore, their movement speed increases as well while you have a single shot. To deal with them, you have to upgrade your tower in terms of attack, defense, and HP. Break a leg and challenge yourself in other fun Friv 10 tower defense games such as Run Evil Defenders and Tower Defense Super Heroes.

Here at friv action, you can earn gold coins from daily rewards, missions, and killing enemies and get silver coins from killing zombies. Gold coins are used to unlock new abilities of your tower while silver coins are used to upgrade those abilities like increasing the tower’s attack range, attack damage, attack speed, critical chance, critical damage, and HP as well as reducing damage and so on. The game offers 5 different worlds and now, 3 worlds are available. You have to kill all monsters in the current world to move to the next one and it’s not easy to finish the mission. If your tower is destroyed, you have to start from the beginning.

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Use MOUSE to play the game.

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