Mine Brothers The Magic Temple GamePlay:

Mine Brothers The Magic Temple is an incredible platformer game that you can play for free on Friv games unblocked along with tons of games. It’s about Mine Brothers who are trapped in a maze filled with traps. You need to help our two lovely characters to escape from this hell. Only when both of them reach the temples that correspond to their color, your mission is completed. If just one of them reaches the exit, you need to work more.

Normally, the games that feature 2 characters are for 2 players. Each player controls a character but interestingly, you control both of them. Of course, you can’t make them move or take action at the same time. Instead, you lead each character at a time. However, it doesn’t mean that you help the red girl reaches her temple first, then you turn back to the blue boy and help him reach the blue temple. They need to co-operate to reach their final goal.

At friv adventure, their color represents the elements that they’re in charge of. The blue boy represents water and the red girl represents fire. Then, you should keep them safe from the pool of water and hot lava. The red girl can go through the hot lave like nothing while the blue boy can swim in the water pool without being hurt. The blue boy needs to jump over the lava pool and the red girl needs to jump over the water pool to protect their lives.

If one of them dies anywhere in the journey, you have to start from the beginning. Good luck and enjoy more games on our site such as Miners AdventureMetal Army War 3 and Mineblock Adventure.


E to take action, WASD or arrow keys to move, Space to switch characters.