Sunny Farm IO GamePlay:

Sunny Farm IO is a cool multiplayer game in which you will compete against other online players around the world in the most epic and challenging competition. At Friv Land, you may think that this game is about farming where you grow all kinds of vegetables and feed animals. In fact, it’s related to farms but it’s about harvesting. It brings you to an insanely rich wheat field where you and other players compete against each other to win the title of the man who harvests the most wheat. Don't worry, you won't use the sickle to harvest the wheat.

Instead, you drive a trailer car. Moving around the field and gather more wheat than your opponents to win. The more wheat you harvest, the more trailers will be attacked to your truck. This game has similar gameplay to Slither.io that you can find and play on https://friv.land/. When you have a long trail of trailers, you can use your trail to trap other players by making them hit your trail. If you take action correctly, your opponents will end up hitting into one of those trailers and their life ends there.

However, you should be careful as well. Turn right away if your enemies are in front of you. You can't brake your truck. It automatically moves forward. The only thing you have control over is its direction. Don’t go out of the wheat field. Otherwise, you also die. If you head to the green field, you have to start this game once again. Make sure you stay in the safe zone.

Have fun and let’s see what your best rank is on your leaderboard. Don’t forget to discover other games such as Dodge The Tower and ChristmasFishing.io.


Use your mouse or WASD to drive your truck.

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