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Do you miss Steve from Minecraft? He is back on a new adventure and he wants you to join him. Start your adventure now in Steve AdventureCraft Aqua at Friv Land. Yes, Steve temporarily left the Minecraft world and went to the water world. It will be an exciting adventure. Steve can’t wait to start. What about you? The aqua world that you and Steve are going to discover is full of danger and mysteries. You need to be ready to deal with some unexpected things.

Here, talk about your main objective, it’s to help Steve reach the exit safely with 60 seconds in each level. Steve has only one life. If you fall into the hot lava or touch any enemies, you return to the starting line. Don’t worry if you meet the deadly creatures and monsters underwater. You have a weapon to kill them. However, some are unkillable, so the only way to pass these enemies is to avoid them.

On friv3, collect fish and slime to consume and get more scores. You should move slowly and surely to protect your life rather than hurry due to time pressure. You have only one minute to finish your current adventure but if you die too many times due to carelessness, you have to spend more time and find it much harder to reach the exit in time. 60 seconds seem to be not much but if you’re careful in every step and jump you make, you can reach the final destination quickly with plenty of time left. So manage the time and your action to get what you want.

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WASD to move and F to shoot.

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