Popeye Adventures GamePlay:

Popeye always dreams of diamonds. He wishes that one day he would own a ton of diamond. To make it come true, he decided to steal. Are you fond of this adventure? Popeye is really glad to welcome you to join with him. Popeye Adventures will bring you to the most amazing adventures ever. Let the game start. At friv 2019 Games online, the beach looks peaceful. It is covered in warm sunlight and the water is clear.

Don’t be fool by its look. Looking down from above, you will see a river of lava. If you’re not careful, you will burn into ash. Give Popeye your useful hands so he can fulfill his dream. Jump from these platform to those platform without falling down. This game has vivid graphics with beautiful sea landscape, don't let that beauty distract you. Just stay focus on every step you make and lead Popeye to come to the end successfully.

When you play this game, it seems you join an endless journey but it’s divided into several levels. You will automatically move to the next level once you finish the current one. On http://friv.land, the platforms which are wooden sticks are mixed into the landscape. You will find it hard to find them. You must observe carefully to make a perfect jump. Remember that you have only 5 lives on each level. If your lives run out, you lose. How long is your journey? Will you able to help Popeye reach the diamond? Play and find out now. You should know that you can always find tons of great games on our site. Some of them are Words Story and Animal Hunters

Instructions: Jump by using arrow keys.

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