Rope Slash 2 GamePlay:

If you can’t go out and play bowling, you can visit Friv Land and check out a game named Rope Slash 2. It reminds you of bowling for sure. It’s pretty similar. Here, you can use empty cans to replace the pins and a ball to replace the bowling ball, then you create this game. However, don’t have to DIY because you can play it on our site with one of the latest options.

So, let’s talk about your mission which is to smash every single can on each level. You have only 1 chance to do it. If you fail, playing that level once again is what you have to do. It has a gameplay that mixes bowling and Cut The Rope. The ball is hung by a rope and you have to choose the right time to cut that rope to make the ball drop and smash the cans. Yes, this game not only requires your muscles work but also your brain work as well.

On https://friv.land/, the cans in each level will be placed in a different situation and your job is to find out the best way to destroy them. It’s not as easy as it seems to be. This fun arcade puzzle game offers hundreds of challenging levels. Like other games, the puzzle becomes harder as you level up. You don’t have any power-ups to help you out. Fail or succeed, it depends on you. The more you play, the better your timing on each cut to release the ball.

So, don’t give up if you fail several times at any certain level. Enjoy it as you do in previous games that you have played on our site as well as the following choices: Christmas Imposter Run and Christmas Rush.


Use your left mouse to cut the rope.

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