Spider Man Hard Way GamePlay:

Spider Man Hard Way is an enjoyable and challenging endless runner game in which you will accompany Spider Man on an exciting journey. How many games have you been with Spider Man at https://friv.land/? Let’s add one to your game list. Here, your ultimate mission is to help Spider Man climb the wall as high as possible. Spider Man won’t shoot a web to climb up but jump back and forth between two buildings and in the process, he has to avoid dangerous obstacles.

Jump from the wall to the wall to avoid hitting any obstacles on the wall. If Spider Man hits one obstacle, he falls and your journey ends. You and Spider Man don’t have the second chance to revive and keep the journey going. What makes this game more challenging is that Spider Man goes up automatically and you can only make him jump back and forth between two buildings to collect stars and avoid obstacles.

Stars in this exciting Friv game are used to change the color of Spider Man. Although color doesn’t matter that means you don’t have any special abilities to boost your score and reach your goal easier, it makes your gaming experience fresh. So how far can you and Spider Man climb? Don’t give up if you fail too many times. Play again and try harder to set a record that you hardly can break by yourself.

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Controls: Tap or touch to jump from wall to wall.

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