Food Snake GamePlay:

Snake is a classic game that was added onto Nokia phone long time ago and people love to play it to kill time. It quickly became a global phenomenon. Even thought it has a simple concept and gameplay, it’s addicting and super fun. The gameplay involves controlling a smake appearing as a dot at first to pick up food while avoiding obstacles. And now at free online friv games, you can get the same experience as the classic title with some new features in Food Snake.

Instead of an endless slithering journey, this game is divided into several levels and each level requires you to reach a score goal. Fruit will spawn on the game board and with each fruit basket, you will get 3 points. A fruit will increase your score by 1. Something jacky like poo will take 1 point away. Watch out for poison mushrooms because they make your snake slow down. The snake dies when it hits an obstacle like rocks or hit its own tail or body. It’s ok if the snake hits the edge of the screen. If the snakes hit the right side of the screen, it will come out from the left screen. The moving speed of the snake will increase over level.

So, plan the move to avoid ending the game too soon. If the snake dies, you will have to start the game once again from level 1 instead of the current level. That’s why you should be careful. You can stop the snake or slow it down unless you feed the snake with mushrooms on purpose. Let’s see how far you can go in this Frivland snake game. Besides it, you can spend your spare time on other cool games such as Little Big Snake and Snake YO.


WASD or arrow keys.

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