Babel Tower GamePlay:

Babel Tower is a fun clicker game in which you are a builder and your project is to build the tower of Babel. You have to build it from the scratch. You have to mine and collect resources such as bricks and wood. They are 2 of the most important resources in this game. At Friv Land, however, you don’t have these types of resources right away. It means they aren’t available. You have to process the raw materials.

For example, you mine resources and process them to create bricks and cut trees to get wood. All works are done according to procedures and all are to build Babel Tower. As you advance and as the tower becomes taller, you need more bricks to build each floor, and to deliver all bricks to the higher floors, you need a big and long crane. So, keep collecting resources and keep building. However, you also have to pay attention to one more job which is to upgrade workers.

On https://friv.land/, upgrading the workers and builders need money. You earn money by selling some of the resources. More advanced technologies will appear along with the growth of the tower. After that, new features will be unlocked and they will make you surprised. Playing this game is fun but you have to be hard-working, especially your hand. You have to click all the time because everything works with the clicks of your mouse.

Play this game isn’t time-consuming. Instead, it teaches you how to get the fruits of labor. Explore more and let’s see how tall can you build your tower. Enjoy and check out other awesome games such as Mango Mania and Tomato Crush.


Click to build the tower of Babel.

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