Transporters IO GamePlay:

How many IO games have you ever played? Have you explored every single option in the IO game category at friv Games school yet? Well, you may not because one of the latest choices have just been added. It’s Transporters IO. Another question is how do you often go to work or go to school? By bike or car or bus? Here in this amazing IO game, you will have a chance to discover different means of transport.

You will create a group of bicycles, motorbikes, or cars by yourself, even make them evolve into a new form. Group 2 bicycles and you have 2 bicycles. However, if you group more than 3 bicycles, you will have a new type of vehicle and so on. Let’s discover all types of vehicles that you can have by combining them. Combine two primitive types of vehicles and you will have a newer type of vehicle and the process will repeat over and over until you create the largest vehicle.

You will find its gameplay similar to other IO games at https://friv.land/. The small ones will be hunted by the bigger ones. Then, you have to stay away from a more modern vehicle or a bigger one at first. When you have created a new type of vehicle, you can go and collect the smaller ones to speed up the vehicle upgrade process. If you accidentally bump into a more modern vehicle, you will be downgraded and at the moment, it’s better to run before that car swallows you and leave nothing behind.

Let’s see how fast can you dominate the top of the leaderboard. Enjoy it and why don’t you spend your free time playing other games such as Princess on Run IO and Shortcut Race 3D.

Controls: Touch or mouse.

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