Xoka GamePlay:

Here at friv games, new games are added every day and we try our best to offer great games to all players who come here to look for something fun that helps them relax. Can you guess which game genre is played the most? Well, it’s hard to tell but platformer games are one of them. Today, let us introduce you to one of the latest options of this genre named Xoka. A simple name with easy-to-master control mechanics and addicting gameplay can give you a great gaming experience. It has 8 levels and the difficulty will increase significantly as you progress.

Here, you will help a man to collect all the orbs and reach the exit safely. The first level can be easy because there is nothing too dangerous to the man. However, in the later levels, it’s truly challenging to lead the man to the exit. A level is clear only if the man collects every single orb and reaches the exit. The man has 5 hearts. Each time he gets shot or falls or crashes into an obstacle, he loses a heart. However, if he runs into the flames, he will die immediately. Don’t worry if you run out of heart. 5 hearts will be reset right away.

Make sure that you don’t leave any orbs behind before you reach the door. Otherwise, you have to go back to collect every single orb. The door only opens when all orbs are collected. Furthermore, you have no friends here. The girls in pink are not your friend. Jump over them if you want to stay safe. Good luck and after conquering those 8 levels, here are 2 Frivland platformer adventure games that you should try Voltier 2 and Nextbot: Can You Escape?.


WASD or arrow keys.

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