YoHoHo .io GamePlay:

Do you favor pirates, treasures and islands? If yes, let’s jump into YoHoHo.io and fight your way to conquer all battles and islands at free online Games friv. It’s is a cool multiplayer IO game brings you to an island filled with other pirates come from all over the world. You need to try your best to defend and attack until you are the last pirate standing on this dangerous island.

You start the game with the most basic character, then through processing in the game and collecting coins, you can purchase other characters who are more powerful. There is in a total of 20 characters in this game. Each character owns a different weapon. Put an impressive name and start the fight now.

Size masters in winning this game. The bigger you are, the more powerful you have and the quicker you can kill your enemies. Moving carefully on the island to avoid those who are bigger than you. And run quickly to the treasure chests or coins to collect them before other players take over them. By collecting coins and killing, you will grow in size. On http://friv.land, real players are not only the threat but poison gas can harm you too.

Move to the safe zone when poison gas starts advancing. However, it means you can’t avoid the bigger ones but forced to confront them directly. Make sure you start collecting gold right away after jumping into the battlefield because once they are collected they won’t appear anymore. So who will be the king of the battlefield? Check it out! Enjoy more IO games available on our site such as Ballhit.io and Blobgame .io.

Controls: Mouse to move and click to attack.

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