Ballhit.io GamePlay:

Ballhit.io is a fun and addictive multiplayer IO game in which you bring to an arena filled with other players come from all over the world. You are a bug with the ball shape and your mission here is to push other players out of the arena to win the battle. The arena is a small island. Who will be the rule of this small land? At friv Games 2019, jump into the crow and push other balls to make them drop into the water.

Make sure you stay alert all the time because other players will non-stop attack you. Don’t move to the edges of the arena because these areas are dangerous zones. Always stay in the center of the island. After eliminating your enemies, hurry to come back to the center. Otherwise, other players will take a chance to kill you. One more important tip you should keep in mind that at the back of each bug or ball, there is a button.

When you touch this button, you will push the opponent further with more force. So, try to attack at the back of your enemies and watch out your back. The match ends when there is only one player stay still on the island. On http://friv.land, you can choose a destination to fight among island, forest and snow. The game allows 2 players to play in the same device. So, you can play with your friends. A wide range of io games is available on our site with different gameplay but offers the same fun. Check them out. If you don’t know what to play first, let’s try Blobgame .io and CrowdCity .io.

How to play: Player 1: Arrow keys to move. Player 2: WASD to move.

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