In Space GamePlay:

In Space is an extremely challenging top-down shooter game that sets in space in which you deal with hordes of alien creatures. They attack your spaceship and now, you are surrounded by them. You can’t hide from them. The only way to survive is to defeat them. Let’s see how long can you survive and how many hordes of alien creatures can you defeat. 

They will come to you from all directions and attack you at the same time. You don’t have time to rest. You have to move back all the time and shoot at them. A level is complete when the progress bar in the upper left corner of the screen is full. As you level up, you will deal with more powerful creatures just like other level-based games like Crazy Pixel Apocalypse 4 at Friv land. They not only approach close to you to attack you but also attack you from afar. Don’t worry. Before starting the next level, you can choose an upgrade including range, landmine, bonus malus, laser beam, reload time, medkit, homing missile, flying blade, a robot, and so on. 

Choose wisely because these items are important. They give you some advantages in the next battle. Besides, you can buy permanent power-ups in the store to increase your max health, fire rate, and fire range, and reduce the reloading time with the coins you get from killing enemies. One important note that you should keep in mind is that do not stand still. Keep moving to avoid being attacked. You will find yourself moving back. Get ready for the battle? You should be ready. Break a leg! If you are looking for more Frivland shooting games like that, here are our suggestions for you Counter Combat Multiplayer and Rainbow Friends Survival.


WASD or arrow keys to move and left click to shoot.

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