Impostor Killer Among us GamePlay:

Among Us is still hot out there and many game developers create their games based on this hit. You can find some great choices at Y8 free games and Impostor Killer Among Us is the latest addition for you to enjoy. Here, you play as an impostor and you have to sneakily kill all crewmates on the spaceship without getting caught. The gameplay has something both similar and different from the original one.

In each level, you will see some crewmates move around with a flashlight in their hand and you will notice the red area. Stay away from that area because it's the crewmates' field of view and if you’re in that area, you lose. You can freely move anywhere except the red area. To kill each crewmate, the best way is to attack from their back. The area behind their back is their blind spot. They can’t see you and you just quickly swing your sword to take their life without revealing yourself.

On http://friv.land/, each level likes a puzzle that you have to solve and the puzzle requires you to eliminate every crewmate and the solution is to take action from their back. Just remember this tip and you can beat each level at ease. The best part of this game is that you don’t have to finish your mission in a given time. To unlock the new level, you just have to kill all crewmates. It sounds easy but the truth is it’s not. You have to watch your move.

The game becomes more challenging as you advance. Be well prepared. Wish you luck here in every game you play such as Rolling Ball and The Flappy Virus.

Controls: Move to move and click to slash the crewmate.