Spider-Man: Laboratory Lockdown GamePlay:

Spider-Man: Laboratory Lockdown is one of the most amazing puzzle games at Friv games where you are Spiderman/Peter Parker. Your job is to disrupt the plan of destroying the city of villains. Doc Ock, Vulture, and Green Goblin are experimenting in the high-security laboratory intending to clear the city out of the planet. You have to collect the key items for each level to move on to the next level and you will need all 6 items to break into that lab.

It’s not easy because you have to break into the main lab as Peter Parker and go undetected to find what you need. Avoid scientists and security guards when you are in restricted areas or you will get caught. Once you are caught, you have to restart the game. Look around and move carefully to approach the yellow glowing panels, tables, and computers and hack them to unlock doors. Each yellow panel, table, and computer requires you to play a mini-game or you can call it a puzzle.

With a door opened, you enter the room and keep searching. Here at friv 3, you can transform into Spiderman when confronting villains but you must change in secrecy and avoid detection. Capture villains by surprising them, get close, and click on them to cast a web net before they turn around. This is an enjoyable point-and-click puzzle game, so you just need to click to make Spiderman/Peter Parker move to the point clicked.

Keep watching out for enemies. They always walk around the lab and you may face them by accident. At the moment, you don’t have much to do, except for waiting for them to catch you. Enjoy it and other games such as Monsters Attack Among Us SquadScary Huggy PlaytimeSquid All ChallengesKey & Sheild and Dracula Quest: Run For Blood.


Click or tap.

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