Bullet League Robogeddon GamePlay:

If you ask that what are the best shooting games on Friv shooting games, then one of the answers must be Bullet League Robogeddon. Welcome you to the best platformer shooting game. This battle royale game will bring you to a hostile jungle in which tons of robots are waiting to kill you. They are roaming around. If you meet them, it’s better to hide in case you have no weapon on your hand.

Then, try to move around safely to collect some weapons such as shotgun, sniper, or machine gun to kill them. Yes, you get the right point, you start the game without a gun. You have to loot and kill at least one robot. Basically, you just need to kill one robot and keep your life safe until the time runs out to win the game. It sounds easy but it’s not true. You have a limited number of HP and if you get attacked by robots while you don’t have a gun, you die.

At https://friv.land/, try to kill one among 21 robots running around. You can mine ore with your metal pickaxe and use ores to build a cover to hide whenever you need. Robots may shoot at each other and if you witness that conflict, just stay away or die unexpectedly. Robots are not the only threat in this game. The safe zone will shrink over time. Run away from the red grid to stay safe. Combine between defending and offending to become the last man standing.

Avoid fights if it’s possible is one of the best ways to stay alive. Enjoy and have a great time here and in other games such as and Mr. Cop Master.


Left click to shoot and mine

W to jump

Right and left arrow keys, or A and D to move.

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