Bus Surfers GamePlay:

Not everyone wants to go to school even though you can learn knowledge and make friends there. You will be under the pressure of assignments and tests and so on. As our character in Bus Surfers, he feels bored and he walked out of class while his teacher is teaching. As a result, he makes her teacher angry and she won't let him escape easily. It's where an endless runner journey begins.

At friv games online, you play as this cool character and your mission is to run, escape from your teacher chasing you behind. If she catches you, you should know that you have some punishments. So, run as you have never run before. You find a lot of similar features in an endless runner game here. You run and avoid obstacles in a road consists of 3 lanes. Change the lane to avoid buses, barriers and more.

Slide and jump over anything block your way and collecting coins is one of your submissions. Try to save as many coins as you can to unlock new characters and buy some power-ups in the shop on http://friv.land/. These items give you so many benefits such as protections, double your coins, collect many coins at once and more.

Besides, you also can have them during running. Their effects won't last too long, so make use of every single item to enhance your performance and improve your score. Discover more contents of the game and explore other options similar to this game in gameplay such as Extreme Speed and Treasures of the Mystic Sea

Controls: Use arrow keys to slide, jump and change the lane.

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